Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up Before White River

Well, I've be out of blogging for a little over a month now, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything :).  I've been running a lot recently averaging between 50-65 miles most weeks and putting in lots of elevation gain (somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000-15,000 ft of gain/week).  This has been the most consistent and quality running block for me ever and has me feeling really good and ready for the White River 50 mile race coming up this Saturday.  I've had too many great runs to share here, but numbers for the last 5 weeks leading up to White River are as follows:

25 runs
276.20 mi....ave of 11.05 mi per run and 55.24 mi/week ave (last week was a taper week at 43 miles which brings the average down)
50:14:19 h:m:s
65,516 ft gain...ave of 2,621 ft gain per run and 13,103 ft/week ave

My peak long run 2 weeks ago was a 25 mile, 6,000 ft gain, 5 hour run up high on the Elkhorn Crest Trail...this was really a great run and capped of my peak week (July 3-9) of 65 miles and 15,000+ ft gain.  Here are some photos/video from that run:

At Elkhorn Peak Summit looking down at Goodrich Lake

Looking South along the Elkhorn Crest Line

Twin Lakes; iced over still in the middle of July

From a separate run looking down the Pine Creek drainage from the ridge north of Rock Creek Butte.

White River Race report to follow next week :)!