Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back At It

I'm finally back to somewhat normal running with this last week that totalled 53 mi and 11,145 ft of gain.  Some nice routes are opening up that I've been wanting to do for some time now.  Pocatello took a little more out of me than I had thought it would, but now I feel back to at least pre-Pokie levels if not a little better and actually a little more recovered on my small little nagging pains and what not.  I thought I'd basically just share a little bit in pictures from this last week:

Looking up at some of the upper section of a climb up to the Pine Creek Reservoir...4.15 miles + 2,500 ft gain = best technical mountain run/ascent of the year;hopefully more to come later after the snow melts some more.
View at the top of the climb.  The reservoir is in the middle left of the pic. Still iced over. 

Looking up at the Elkhorn Crest...going to run up to the ridge and summit Rock Creek Butte (not visible in the pic) later in the year from this route.  Notice that the trees in all these pictures have taken a beating, not sure, but I think there might have been a significant snow slide/avalanche as many parts of the upper climb had some pretty apparent damage.

If I would have had more time, I would have tried to climb this exposed slope.  As it was, I was up at the res. at 7:00 am and needed to be back in town by time :).

My mom descending one of the trickier snow traverses that were near the top.  She's one adventurous woman and never turns down an offer for a run, no matter what kind of junk I lead her into :).

This trail has seen better days.  Great, more technical section near the top of the descent.

A rare picture of myself as usually I don't have people with me on many of my runs and don't take a camera very much.  Feeling pretty lucky to get out up here on such a nice morning...after we descended back into the trees had to put the shirt back on though :) was 37 degrees when we started out and probably low 40's when we got back at 8:15ish.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of more summer like weather...we've got a forecast for temps in the 80's a couple of days this next week, should be fun.


Matt said...

David your commitment and hard work is admirable. You get to beautiful places running those routes. Thanks for the awesome pictures

David Henry said...

Thanks Matt. Hope to see you guys sometime soon.