Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 15-21; Closure

5 runs
36.20 mi
6:26:50 h:m:s
8,214 ft elevation gain

Here are some pictures from my run on Friday.  It was a nice day and I got up as high as I have all year with only a mile or so of trudging through snow ;).

The lower part of the upper section of the 2,500 ft climb around 5,400 ft.  Jack didn't seemed bothered by the little bit of heat today (low 60's, hey this is hot for us ;) )

Getting near the exposed ridge probably around 5,800 ft.  Jack in the same pose as before.

Looking back down on the valley at around 6,200 ft.  Felt nice to be up high out in the open.  This was a new route for me and really was an interesting and at times technical climb. (at least as technical as a forest service rd. can get)

Looking up at the ridge that I was headed towards from the same spot as the last picture.

With this week, I put the wraps on a significant winter training block.  It started this last January and was a slow, but steady process of laying a foundation for the summer adventures that lay ahead.  I'm taking a week off to rest up for the Pocatello 50K+ (36 miles) next weekend (which my Dad just bumped up to also after originally planning on running the 20 mile version), then after adequately recovering, getting up this summer to enjoy the thin air of the high county around Baker City.  I'm actually looking forward to the everyday running this summer just as much as the racing's to everyone's adventures, wherever they may take you.


nikeathena said...

Congrats on finishing your winter training block. Have a great race in Pocatello!

Alyssa said...

Great work getting all your training runs in with the craziness going on. Glad the kids and I are making the trip with you this weekend!

David Henry said...

Nike: Thanks, I'll post a race report after I get back.

Alyssa: Thanks a bunch. You get equal credit for me getting in my training runs. Thanks for being flexible and being willing to accommodate me testing myself out in the mountains on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to the trip as well. It's coming up quick.