Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 1-7 Training Peak for Pocatello

I peaked out in my training for the Pocatello 50K+ (35 mile) mountain race coming up with my best week on record.  I'll go straight to the numbers, then share about a few runs:

6 runs
63.49 mi
10:07:18 h:m:s
9,684 ft gain

This was a good week to follow up last weeks mileage and gain and I felt pretty good most of this week other than a bone bruise or something in my left foot that has been in the background for a couple of months now that flared up after a 4 mi time trial that I did on Tuesday this last week.  My two runs on Friday and Saturday were very confidence building and made me feel ready for the race coming up.  On Friday I ran 19.30 mi in 3:09:43 with 2,804 ft gain.  Five miles of this was run up high at 5,200 ft and I ran into some snow sections that were 2-3 ft deep and required a walk/slog to get through.

This is what the "Waterline" road looked like.  I traveled on it for over 5 miles and this is what it looked like when it was good and runnable.  When the road got into a north facing or sheltered corner the snow got deep and my feet got wet.  Good for endurance training though.

Because of the condition of this road, I modified my route and instead of coming back through it again, I tacked on a different section and 1 more climb and ended up getting more mileage than I had planned (18 mi).  All in all this run went very well and I put in nearly 700 calories in the 3 hours which is a great amount of food for a run of this distance (probably the most ever for a run for me).  The next day, I met up with Davey Peterson and we ran a 14.29 mi route w/2,305 ft gain in 2:13:36.  This was pretty quick for this route after 19+ the day before.  A highlight was a near pr effort on the biggest climb right off the bat.  By mile 11 I was feeling it and just made my way home as best I could.

Starting this week, I'm beginning a slow 3-week taper to let my body catch up and recover, but I will be putting in a 21 mile mountain run this Saturday to cap on my long runs before Pocatello.  Really looking forward to getting out to race again!

A view of the Elkhorn's last week.  The snow is still stacked pretty high above 5,500 ft or so, but I'm dreaming of running above treeline this summer.

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