Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 15-21; Closure

5 runs
36.20 mi
6:26:50 h:m:s
8,214 ft elevation gain

Here are some pictures from my run on Friday.  It was a nice day and I got up as high as I have all year with only a mile or so of trudging through snow ;).

The lower part of the upper section of the 2,500 ft climb around 5,400 ft.  Jack didn't seemed bothered by the little bit of heat today (low 60's, hey this is hot for us ;) )

Getting near the exposed ridge probably around 5,800 ft.  Jack in the same pose as before.

Looking back down on the valley at around 6,200 ft.  Felt nice to be up high out in the open.  This was a new route for me and really was an interesting and at times technical climb. (at least as technical as a forest service rd. can get)

Looking up at the ridge that I was headed towards from the same spot as the last picture.

With this week, I put the wraps on a significant winter training block.  It started this last January and was a slow, but steady process of laying a foundation for the summer adventures that lay ahead.  I'm taking a week off to rest up for the Pocatello 50K+ (36 miles) next weekend (which my Dad just bumped up to also after originally planning on running the 20 mile version), then after adequately recovering, getting up this summer to enjoy the thin air of the high county around Baker City.  I'm actually looking forward to the everyday running this summer just as much as the racing's to everyone's adventures, wherever they may take you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 8-14: Last Long Run

Had a good last week of any of my significant training.  Took it easier in the beginning of the week before putting in a hard 7 mile climbing run on Friday with a 22 miler on Saturday to put the wraps on things before the real tapering starts.  Felt great on that last long run except for a stupid expedition through about 4 feet deep snow that I skidded, stumbled and scraped my way through for around 1.5 miles.  Lesson learned.  All in all felt great on the run and put in plenty of food (780 cal), although could have used more water at the end (only had one bottle).  I'm going to keep this short and sweet so here are the numbers for the week:

5 runs
47.83 mi
8:07:15 h:m:s
9,864 ft gain

Take care everyone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 1-7 Training Peak for Pocatello

I peaked out in my training for the Pocatello 50K+ (35 mile) mountain race coming up with my best week on record.  I'll go straight to the numbers, then share about a few runs:

6 runs
63.49 mi
10:07:18 h:m:s
9,684 ft gain

This was a good week to follow up last weeks mileage and gain and I felt pretty good most of this week other than a bone bruise or something in my left foot that has been in the background for a couple of months now that flared up after a 4 mi time trial that I did on Tuesday this last week.  My two runs on Friday and Saturday were very confidence building and made me feel ready for the race coming up.  On Friday I ran 19.30 mi in 3:09:43 with 2,804 ft gain.  Five miles of this was run up high at 5,200 ft and I ran into some snow sections that were 2-3 ft deep and required a walk/slog to get through.

This is what the "Waterline" road looked like.  I traveled on it for over 5 miles and this is what it looked like when it was good and runnable.  When the road got into a north facing or sheltered corner the snow got deep and my feet got wet.  Good for endurance training though.

Because of the condition of this road, I modified my route and instead of coming back through it again, I tacked on a different section and 1 more climb and ended up getting more mileage than I had planned (18 mi).  All in all this run went very well and I put in nearly 700 calories in the 3 hours which is a great amount of food for a run of this distance (probably the most ever for a run for me).  The next day, I met up with Davey Peterson and we ran a 14.29 mi route w/2,305 ft gain in 2:13:36.  This was pretty quick for this route after 19+ the day before.  A highlight was a near pr effort on the biggest climb right off the bat.  By mile 11 I was feeling it and just made my way home as best I could.

Starting this week, I'm beginning a slow 3-week taper to let my body catch up and recover, but I will be putting in a 21 mile mountain run this Saturday to cap on my long runs before Pocatello.  Really looking forward to getting out to race again!

A view of the Elkhorn's last week.  The snow is still stacked pretty high above 5,500 ft or so, but I'm dreaming of running above treeline this summer.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Quick Update: Last week and the month of April

Time is flying and things are starting to pick up both in running, work, and life.  All is good though and I'm enjoying the new weather and change of pace from churning up icy/snowy climbs in cold temp that was pretty common for me this winter.

This last week, April 24-30th, was a real breakthrough week for me in both time and elevation gain (which usually trend together), my best mileage for a week is 57.93 mi w/6,051 ft gain back in Aug. last year so just missed that mark (but will probably break it this next week), here are the numbers:

6 runs
54.37 mi
9:27:01 h:m:s
13,588 ft gain

My best amount of elevation gain for a week before was in January where I put in 7,325 ft in 32.64 mi (224ft/mi).  This weeks's gain takes a significant jump upward and comes out to 249ft/mi., so more volume and a higher ft/mile ratio.  The jump in gain is in part due to doing most of my runs, even my easy days, with a 1,200 ft climb or more and also in part to a great weekend running with Yassine in Portland.  I was able to get in 26.5 mi w/ 7,795 ft of gain in the two runs and had a great time getting in some single track with awesome views and climbs with a great runner like Yassine.  Thanks for the encouraging and enjoyable weekend Yassine!

This weekend ended the month of April as well, so here are those numbers:

26 runs
213.56 mi
34:03:12 h:m:s
35,611 ft gain

This was my best month in all categories and really is giving me a newly found confidence that I'm getting in shape enough to race the whole 35 miles at Pocatello rather than race 20 and sorta race/survive the rest like I did at the North Face 50K in December.  We'll see what happens, but regardless I know I'll have a ton of fun.  I've still got this week and the next that will be strong weeks to start wrapping up the training for Pocatello before tapering off before the race.  Take care everyone.