Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Charlene and catch up on running

Well, we had our baby and it was a girl! Her name is Charlene Rivers Henry born on March, 30th 2011 and weighed a whopping 9 lbs 8 oz.  She is a very sweet baby and we are loving getting to see her get used the the world.  She is doing well and eating lots!  We are starting to slowly catch back up on some sleep and adjust to having two kids with completely different needs right now. Here is a picture:
Here she is probably around 1 hr after being born.  She is a little swollen from delivery, but was wide eyed for hours.

More pictures of her to come.

During the week she was born, I got in:

4 runs
24.78 mi
3:30:25 h:m:s
389 ft gain

I knew this week was going to be crazy and I didn't feel that great on any of these runs, but was glad to get out when I did.  This week also ended the month of March and my numbers for the month were:

24 runs
191.22 mi
29:55:16 h:m:s
22,678 ft gain

This is my biggest month on record in both miles and time so things are moving along.  Conditions in the mountains didn't let me reach a new mark in elevation gain, but this month is looking good so far as I got in a pretty solid week, at least numbers wise cause I felt really poor most of the week:

6 runs
48.75 mi
7:37:22 h:m:s
6,828 ft gain

Had a couple of good runs this week.  I went up the Cell tower climb on Monday with a run of 8.69 mi in 1:24:21 with 1,435 ft gain.  I was a little sore after this run, but it felt so good to be back climbing again. The middle of the week I felt pretty bad.  I've been low on sleep and the weather turned nasty for a few days with temps in the mid 30's and 25-30 mph winds.  The week ended on a high note, though, with a run of 11.30 mi in 1:48:27 with 1,724ft gain.  This run felt good and I got up higher than I've been in a while which always helps the mood.  Here are some pictures from that run as well as some pics of me modifying a pair of my running moccasins to handle some of the more rocky terrain:

Peeled the 2mm soles off these.  They probably had 50% life left in them.

Cutting out my new soles from some "Leadville" Vibram rubber from Luna Sandals.  10mm thick and good grip.  A big thanks to Jules at Luna for being willing to work with my odd request.

Comparison with the "trail" RunAmocs on the right.  The trail versions come with a 6mm Vibram sole, which I've worn down to about a 4 or 5mm I would guess...these just weren't protective enough for the higher mileage I've been putting in lately on the trails, still a great moc though.

Finished product; I call it the RunAmoc Ultra.  As far as I know, this is the only model in existence :).  Maybe Soft Star reads my blog and will start making them...probably not though.  The color of the sole was not my choice, but Luna was out of their regular black color...I didn't care that much so had them send me this color...they gave me a great deal so no complaints at all.

On top of the ridge leading to the Cell Towers; looking east over Baker Valley.

Looking west at the Elkhorn Mountains from the same spot as the photo above...they are getting tons of snow still.

Newly finished mocs out on the trail.  Worked great on this rocky stuff and even did as well as a moccasin could do in snow.

This is the type of trail conditions for I had for about 5 miles of the run.  Lots of melting snow, mud and puddles.  Made it interesting and fun.  I didn't have any complaints.  I hope it keeps melting though :).

Well, that's it for this week.  Onward...


Jules Smuin said...

That's awesome you got them put together and they are working out for you! I love the innovation. Congratulations on the baby girl!



David Henry said...

Thanks again Jules...I hope to make it by the Luna shop someday when I can make it up to the Seattle area.