Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring! Sort of...

Well it has been quite the week.  We are still waiting on baby to come so will keep everyone posted on that.  Running wise it was a good week to finally get out back on some dirt and elevation as the weather is slowly warming (although very windy) and snow is melting.  This means mud, but I'll gladly take that at this point.  Numbers for the week:

5 runs
45.03 mi
6:57:23 h:m:s
5,340 ft gain

Most significant was a 12 and 14 mile back to back this weekend.  Went out on Saturday for 12.14 mi in 2:02:57 with 2,034 ft gain and followed up on Sunday with 14.01 mi in 2:11:43 with 1,708 ft gain.  Felt good to get in the type of runs I've been wanting to for quite some time.  My body felt pretty good both days and I was able to hold a consistent pace from beginning to end on both runs, so my fitness is slowly improving.  Picture below was from Saturday's run looking west over Baker Valley and the Elkhorn Mountains. 


nikeathena said...

Beautiful shot of the valley. Looks like it's warming up!

Jim said...

26 miles in two days is awesome...glad the weather is improving for you