Sunday, March 20, 2011

No baby yet...

Well, no baby, but things are still going well over in Eastern Oregon.  Had a good weekend with my son Zach just playing around whether that was at home while mom was out to a baby shower or over at Papa and Grandma's house in the hot tub.  He really is a good kid:

Always a very happy kid (well not always, but most of the time ;) )I've been blessed to get to be his "Dada".  Still makes me happy every time he says it :).

The week of running went well even though I was working through a few sore muscles here and there.  I was going to tone down some of the vertical gain this week, but as is likely for me, I was continually drawn to get as high as the weather will permit this time of year.  It was rewarding to get in a few good climbs both getting back up to the Cell Towers on Friday for a 6.06 mi 1:12:40 run with 1,780 ft gain and hitting a new route up Trail Creek Rd off of the HWY up Dooley Mtn (pictures below) for 11.18 mi in 1:47:17 with 1,887 ft gain on Saturday and finished up the week today with 10.84 mi in 1:40:38 with 1,119 ft gain.  So having put in 4,786 ft in 26 miles over three days, was not necessarily the lighter vert week that I was thinking, but in the end I'm satisfied and truly enjoyed the time out, which is what ultimately matters in the end.  I'm also feeling pretty good physically as well and most of the soreness eventually worked is way out as the week went on.

Numbers for the week:

6 runs
46.66 mi
7:40:23 h:m:s
7,135 ft gain

Here are some pictures from the week:

My Mom and Dad with the pups on Thursday on the ridge south of the Interpretive Center.  They have been one of my most consistent running partners and supporters and will surely both make the jump into the ultra marathon distance this year.

My Dad and I.  Never thought we'd being running long distances a couple of years ago, as we were both either told or thought we were too big to be runners with me at 6'5 and him 6'4...slowly finding out we were limited only by self-imposed barriers and are having a great time running.

Heading up Trail Creek.  The route looked promising at this point with snow levels not as high as I expected.

Sign where I turned around, approx 5,300 ft elevation.  Still more climbing available after this, but snow was getting a little deep.

Looking back down the hill at my tracks from the sign post above.

My Mizuno road racing flats may not have been the best choice for the snow, but I've been working through a small issue with the back of my heel that has limited my footwear choices more than I'd like.

Hopeful for a good week and some baby pictures by the next blog post :)!

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teresafreese said...

Wow, the three of you...impressive! It's so cool that you have each other to run with. I loved the pictures!