Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February Summary

Just wanted to post my February numbers for those interested.  I haven't been posting any week by week training post like I did leading up to the North Face 50K this December, but I might do some of that when I get closer to racing the White River 50 mile race this July if it is interesting to anyone.

Here are the numbers for the month:

23 Runs
157.99 mi
26:26:56 h:m:s
23,550 ft elevation gain

While my total elevation gain was a little lower than last month (26,312 ft) I got in what I did in 7 less runs than last month.  Therefore, my average run was of a much higher quality than the previous month.  The best stat for this month has to be my Average (1:08:59) and Median (1:03:46) run times.  I'm definitely becoming more and more comfortable running longer.  I remember last year when I though anything over 45 min felt like a longer run.  Both January and February this year have been more significant training periods (by time and elevation gain) than anything I did last year, so things are looking good so far.


Stephen said...

My February numbers:

4 runs
43.62 miles
4339 elevation gain

I should probably run more than I do, but I don't do short runs

David Henry said...

That is a pretty impressive set of numbers for only 4 runs. I think your doing fine. My numbers are with zero biking time so your total load is probably a ton more than mine. I'm impressed you can run basically once a week and have it be 10-12 miler each time. Dad said work might be slowing down for you soon. That would be nice; you deserve it.