Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow and More Snow!

Well, it was a great week of running last week, but I was not prepared for all the snow we've been getting! This changed a few of my long run plans, but I still got out for some good runs and even put in some strong and fast efforts. This was my most mileage this year and I'm feeling better than ever. This weeks numbers:

6 Runs
46.02 miles
7:11:38 h:m:s
6,474 ft gain

Now for some pictures:

Zach and Junior on a nice easy run around town...stopping for some groceries on our way home from a 6 mile run.

At the summit of the Dooley Mt. grade on Saturday. It was snowing the entire way, but it was still early in the day, so we only had a few inches to deal with. Great 8 mile uphill run from the bottom.

The view of our backyard getting dumped on Saturday Sunday plans were getting rearranged.

The view from the bottom of Keating valley Sunday afternoon. We did a 12 mile road run because all the high country trails I had in mind were not runnable. Ended up be a very fast effort for me, especially this time of year, as I was able to do this 12.2 mile run in 1:38:34 (8:03/mile ave.) and it had a 900 ft climb in the middle of it.

Take care everyone and enjoy the last few weeks of winter. Spring is coming...


Matt said...

Thanks for the update! The chickens still surviving and producing eggs?

David Henry said...

Yep. They stopped producing when the daylight was lowest (Dec-Jan), but have picked up again. Some people put a light in their nesting box and they will lay even in the winter, but I figure they need a break and let them naturally lay when they want.