Monday, February 14, 2011

Late-Winter Long Run

I've been on a slow buildup of mileage since I re-started training the 1st of January. My first week of February I put in 37.53 miles and 5,512 ft of vertical and followed that up last week with 42.88 mi and 6,939 ft of vertical ending in a long run of 12 miles and 2,640 ft of vert.

I decided it would be nice to take some pictures and a few videos to share what longer runs in the higher mountains look like this time of year in Easter Oregon. It turned out to be a beautiful and exceptionally nice day, topping out at 50 degrees, which is somewhat rare this time of year.

Now for the pictures:

Just starting out up the road (road lasted only about .3 mi) Approx. 4000 ft Elevation

1st 3 mi. had heavy snowmobile traffic which makes the running relatively normal...this would change :).

Getting close to halfway, mileage-wise (approx 5,000 ft elevation)

My running buddies: Jack (black, boarder collie) and Jr. (white, Papillon mix). Both put in an impressive 27 miles this week, with Jr. putting in 21 miles in two days over the weekend.

My go to shoes this winter: Inov-8 X-Talon 190. The large lugs really help give some added confidence on the crusty snow/ice mix. Great shoes!

X-Talon prints next to puppy prints, still not punching through the snow yet.

At the top and happy to be out on such a nice day!

Take a look at the videos below:

This first one shows the snow conditions near the top (really the last mile or so of climbing). I must have had my hand over the mic, so the sound is all muffled and I didn't have it in landscape which looks much better when it is off my phone:

And this one has a clip from about 5,500 ft elevation and 5 miles in and one at the top 6,500 ft elevation and 6 miles:

Have a great week everyone. I encourage you to get outside in some way or another, the winter isn't so bad when you actually get out in getting motivated to get out in the first place can be another story, but don't think about it, just go for it!


Yassine said...

Nice photos and video...and good week's worth of running. It looks beautiful out there in Eastern Oregon! Keep it up :-)

David Henry said...

Thanks Yassine...its crazy how the weather over here works. The forecast is almost always off; it asn't supposed to get near as nice yesterday...must be the effect of the mountains being close and being in a valley like we are. Happened to catch a really nice day yesterday which makes the colder, rougher days easier to get through. Hope you are recovering from Rocky Raccoon well. I'll keep you updated with how the week goes.

teresafreese said...

Awesome pictures and videos. I think it's the only way that I would ever appreciate this view. Ha! I will leave these kind of adventures up to you. Thanks for sharing, Brent and I enjoyed it.

Matt said...

Sweet Pictures david! What a beautiful day to be outside in the Winter! I bet the dogs love running with you.