Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oct. 31st-Nov 6th

Sun, Oct. 31 OFF

Mon, Nov. 1 PM High School - Cell Site Via Cell Rd Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 01:06:53
Distance: 6.17 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,471 ft

Ran with Trevor and Tanner to Mom and Dad's drive way and then met up with Mom and Dad and the dogs for a run up to the cell site. Felt decent most of the way, but the outside part of my right foot started to ache a little and by the time I got down and felt my foot I could feel that creaky tendinitis felling that I've experienced before with my Achilles tendon. Looked it up and sure enough there is a tendon group called the peroneal tendons that run through the area that is sore. Not sure what to think lately...I was just feeling like I was getting over the hump of recovering from Portland and resolving any IT band irritation and this popped up. I didn't really have any warning that this tendon group was even hurting before the run and I had taken the day off yesterday. I'm just going to take it day by day and see if it will heal with some easier running. Inov-8 F-Lite 195s.

Tue, Nov 2 OFF - 22 miles on Road bike

Wed, Nov 3 PM Run to Pool Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 00:18:40
Distance: 2.08 mi
Elevation Gain: 0 ft

Ran with Dogs to pool to test out my feet to see how they were recovering. Tendon on the right foot felt surprisingly strong, but arch area on my left is giving me some troubles still. Barefoot.

Thurs, Nov 4 PM XC Practice #45
Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 00:33:42
Distance: 4.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 19 ft

Ran to high school and then around pathway. Stopped and played a game of ultimate medicine ball (like ultimate frisbee) then put on another 2 miles getting back home. Still feeling the arch on my left foot, however, I did some tinkering with my foot strike and it seemed if I shifted my foot strike slightly forward from what I was doing that the arch felt better. I need to watch this and see how it goes. VFF Sprints.

Fri, Nov 5 PM
State XC Course Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 00:28:13
Distance: 3.13 mi
Elevation Gain: 19 ft

Ran the State XC course the day before the race. Nice course, felt alright, but for some reason, my feet are still not recovered...what a weird week. VFF KSOs.

Sat, Nov 6 OFF

Totals for Week of Oct. 31st-Nov 6th

5 Runs
15.84 mi
02:31:12 h:m:s
1,508 ft Elevation Gain

Man, this was a hard week for me. Just as I started feeling good, my feet started to act up on me. I've never had any significant foot issues since I started running, but I did run the marathon in my Five Fingers and then probably tried to ramp up the mileage again too quickly after Portland even though I was taking a more tapered approach to the re-entry phase than I did after my 50K in September. All part of the learning process. What makes things most difficult at this point is deciding whether to pull the plug on the race that is in 4 weeks. The conservative thing to do would be to just cancel my race plans...and I may have to if I don't see a big improvement this week as it is probably just too much to try to fit in in a short amount of time. I was really excited about this option could be to see if they will let me transfer my 50 mile entry down to a Marathon entry (which my Dad is doing) and that way I could still race and see some of the course as well as the runners that I was looking forward to seeing. I'll post my decision as I reach it. Have a good week!


Stephen said...

The foot problem sounds frustrating. Hope you get better soon. Seems like you might have to take the week off and cycle or something and come back strong the next week.

David Henry said...

Yeah, it has been frustrating cause my legs are feeling pretty good. I've got a couple a 5 milers in this week with a trip up to the cell site yesterday. I used the MT101s and they seemed to alleviate some of the strain on the tendon because of the heel lift on them so we will see. I really want to do this race, but I've got to feel 100% or pretty close to it to have it be a smart decision.