Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 14-20 - 2 Weeks Out

First the rundown for the week:

Sun, Nov 12 AM - Auburn - 17th - H St - Pathway, Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 00:32:44
Distance: 4.38 mi
Elevation Gain: 27 ft

Ran with Jack (dog). Took the first .5 mile as a warm up then put in about 3.5 @ around 7:00-7:15/mile pace then last .3 was easy cool down. Wanted to mix up the type of running I've been doing with something a little different and was feeling a little too tired to do something longer again today. Hoping that with some shorter runs I'll be up for back to back long runs this next weekend. Ran with the Kinvaras because I thought it might be easier on my tendon in my foot. Seemed good on that front, but the arch support (although still quite minimal by most standards, I'm just used to no arch support) in these shoes irritated my left arch, also they are a little too cushioned for my liking. It's a good thing they are light because otherwise I'm not sure I'd use them at all. Not sure where their niche will be, maybe long road runs, but I wouldn't pick them again for this type of run. Saucony Kinvaras.

Mon, Nov 15 AM Lap Swim

45 min, 1.25 miles. Jumped in midway on a ladder with Bob and Paula. Did 400 (6:30), 500 (8:00), 400, 300, 200, 100 (@ 1:15). Felt good and was probably the hardest swimming set I've ever done at this point.

PM Cell Site Rd - North Overlook, Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 00:43:50
Distance: 3.99 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,172 ft

Didn't have much time today to run longer, but felt pretty good on this run even with all the vertical. Legs felt average on the climb, but felt really strong on the descent. Warmer today in the low 50's which was a nice change. Tendon was practically a non-issue today which is a great sign as I haven't really been talking any significant time off and yet it still is getting better. Right hip was a little sore I'm sure from using the Kinvara's yesterday. They are just too squishy a shoe for me I think. I'll have to use them carefully and sparingly in the future. NB MT101s.

Tues, Nov 16 Pm,
David Eccles - Indiana - 17th, Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 00:53:01
Distance: 5.65 mi
Elevation Gain: 181 ft

Ran with Dad and pushed Zach in the stroller. Felt alright. The road sure puts out a larger stress on the muscles, that and wearing minimalist shoes. Test ran in Dad's Terra Plana Evo's which felt really good, much better than the Kinvara's did 2 days ago. Looking to go longer and higher tomorrow if I recover well enough through the night other wise might take tomorrow as my only day off for the week. Terra Plana Evos.

Wed, Nov 17 AM, Lap Swim

30 min, .8 miles

South Interpretive Center Ridge Route, Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 00:45:48
Distance: 4.69 mi
Elevation Gain: 815 ft

Ran with Dad. 40's and very windy...probably 30-40 mph on the ridge. Was feeling pretty tired today and will probably take tomorrow off or maybe run short (under 30 min). Good little climb up to the ridge and then rollers after that. Descent was good technical practice as well. Was nice to get out. Got dark on us just as we were finishing around 4:40 pm. NB MT101s.

Thurs, Nov 18 OFF AM, Lap Swim

25 min, .68 mi

Fri, Nov 19 AM,
Vista Heights - Freeway Overlook, Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 00:32:13
Distance: 3.50 mi
Elevation Gain: 399 ft

Ran in the dark at 5:50 AM. I was hoping to start the run at 5:00 as this is the start time for the NF 50 mile, but was hard to get going. I usually don't run in the mornings so this will be a new discipline that I will try to do at least once a week. 24 degrees and dark...ran with a headlamp. NB MT101s

Sat, Nov 20 AM,
Elk Creek - Cell Site - Elkhorn Ridge - Elk Creek, Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 03:57:58
Distance: 23.00 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,639 ft

Long run today with dad. Probably a little more than I should have put in, but wanted to get in something comparable elevation gain wise to the NF 50. Pretty cold today in the mid 20's starting out and then between 25-35 degrees throughout the day. Wasn't feeling tops, but managed to get in the distance at a fairly decent pace of 10:20/mile. Legs are a little sore and tired, but I'm going to try and get out tomorrow for at least 15 miles. NB MT101s.

Totals for Nov 14-20

6 runs
45.20 mi
07:25:37 h:m:s
6,172 ft Elevation Gain

Although not part of this last week's running I wanted to mention that I did manage to get in my second long run yesterday (Sunday):

Time: 02:39:08
Distance: 16.34 mi
Elevation Gain: 775 ft

Well I'm now two weeks out from the NF 50 mile race. Still not sure if I'm capable of finishing this distance, but that is part of the mystery of doing an don't really know what your capable of until you give it a shot. This weekend really took me to a new place of what I thought I could actually handle physically and mentally. I've been really pushing the envelope on what would be considered smart to try to squeeze in training and racing wise for my first year of running and I can feel the effects of that. Yet, I am constantly amazed at what our bodies are capable of handling and know for sure that we don't tap into our full human potential nearly enough. What I love about ultrarunning is that not only does it teach you your limits, but it also allows you to be surprised by your capabilities. This mixture of harsh truth and unexpected surprise builds character and keeps things interesting. Till next week...

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