Monday, November 01, 2010

First week of real training after PDX

I thought I'd blog each week on how my training is going for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile trail race that is coming up this December 4th. The first two weeks after the marathon were mostly filled with rest, some lap swimming, helping out with the Cross country team and slowly easing myself back into some shorter runs.

The weekly totals for those weeks are as follow:

Oct. 10th-16th, PDX Marathon week:

2 runs
29.44 mi
04:08:21 h:m:s
1,020 ft elevation gain

...this was basically just the Marathon and then 4 days off and a short warm up run with XC team at their meet in Milton Freewater.

Oct. 17th-23rd:

5 runs
18.11 mi
02:30:32 h:m:s
799 ft elevation gain

...biggest run was 6.16 miles on Saturday up Vista Heights and then to the Water Reservoir. This week was mostly about feeling my body out and see how my legs, especially the IT band was going to react to some longer runs. Did most of the runs either barefoot or in my Luna Sandals. I think almost every run the IT band was tight after about halfway through...I wasn't worried too much though because I knew I had plenty of time and it was get better slowly.

Now on to this week which was the first week really back to some normal sense of running for me. I'll use my running log format which I keep on Garmin's website (this also saves me the work of typing most of this twice :) ). Let me know if this is too much info or if it is interesting to see the process for these weeks. I could just post a weekly summary like I did for the two previous weeks if the individual run breakdowns are too much.

Sun, Oct 24 PM Night run w/Jack Activity Type: Street Running
Time: 00:31:53
Distance: 4.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 83 ft

Ran in the dark with Jack. Felt good for first two miles and then felt low on energy. Leg still not 100%...I'll just have to wait and see. Kinvara's worked out alright, I'll slowly rotate them into some of my runs and see how they break in. Saucony Kinvaras.

Mon, Oct 25 OFF

Tue, Oct 26, PM
Sam-O - Spring Garden loop Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 00:35:32
Distance: 4.15 mi
Elevation Gain: 25 ft

Recovery day. Legs are still not fresh. Knee felt a little irritated around mile 3. Was going to go up vista heights, but bagged it and will save for another day. Not sure how long this is going to take, but I need to wait it out before I push up the mileage again. Saucony Shay XCs (Racing Flats).

Wed, Oct 27 Mixed run - Warm up - Speed Work - Vista Heights Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 01:00:35
Distance: 7.68 mi
Elevation Gain: 413 ft

Ran a warm up at XC Practice and then did a speed session on grass infield. 20 length in 10 minutes barefoot. Then cruised over to post office to meet up with Barry for a quick climb up Vista Heights to the top of the dirt road. First day where I actually felt somewhat decent. Hope this is the start of the upward trend. Inov8 F-Lite 195s were really great. Not the best feeling on the road, but felt superb off road up the Vista climb. Super light and extremely comfortable. First run in them with no socks and had zero issues. Love these shoes and really look forward to future products from this company. Inov8 F-Lite 195s.

Thurs, Oct 28 OFF

Fri, Oct 29 PM
Vista Heights night run w/Barry Activity Type: Street Running

Time: 00:45:45
Distance: 5.17 mi
Elevation Gain: 400 ft

Good little run with Barry. My legs are starting to feel better each day. I still need to make sure I give myself plenty of good rest/easy days after some of the longer runs as I build back up...but I think it is slowly happening. Ran up Vista height to the top of the dirt road and felt good all the way. Got some big dreams for the future as long as I can keep if fun and stay healthy. Modified MT100s worked pretty good, especially on the dirt, but will have to be tested further to see if they are suitable for longer runs as my mod job wasn't the best and I didn't account for the forefoot being stiffer because of the rock plate and therefore compressing less than the mid to rear of the shoe which made it feel a little more uncomfortable near the end of the run. Zeroed MT100s + 1.11 miles Barefoot.

(Note: this post refers to a shoe where I cut the heel off the shoe to make the forefoot and heel height the same, like it is barefoot, if you have any questions about this feel free to ask).

Sat, Oct 30 AM Elk Creek - Water Shed Loop Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 01:20:13
Distance: 8.76 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,180 ft

Ran with Mom, Dad, and Barry. Felt really poor the first 20 minutes, probably from too big of a breakfast right before and knee (IT band) didn't loosen up till after a few miles. All in all, I'd say that this was my first run that I felt somewhat back to form. Now just need to rest and recover for a couple of days and then see how I feel as the next week progresses. 195s were perfect. Inov-8 F-Lite 195s.

Sat, Oct 30 AM XC District Meet Activity Type: Trail Running

Time: 00:11:36
Distance: 1.24 mi
Elevation Gain: 77 ft

Just ran a little around the course as I watched the meet. Legs were definitely tired. Soft Star Ramblers.

Totals for week of Oct 24th-30th:

6 Runs
31.05 mi
04:25:37 h:m:s
2,177 ft elevation gain

This was a good week, both mentally and physically. It showed me I can finally get back into a few longer runs without any real issues coming up which is progress.

On the list for this next week is a run in the 2 hr + range...I'm thinking probably Marble Creek to the Elkhorn Crest Trail as the mostly likely candidate (3,600 ft elevation gain - 6.6 miles up 6.6 miles down - it would be a killer half-marathon to put on next year :) any takers?)...might even see some snow. Hopefully mileage is up in the low forties, but this might be difficult as it is the last week of Cross Country and I will be traveling to Eugene for the State meet on Friday and back on Saturday, so those days might be hard to get a run in. I might be able to squeeze some shorter runs during the off ours (earlier morning or night). All in all, I don't have specific weekly mileage goals other than really getting in some long runs that will give me the confidence to know my body is up for 50 miles. I'm guessing my peak week might be in the 50-60 mile range. I suppose I'll know around the 3rd week of November whether I will be at that point or not, but I'm mostly just going to enjoy the nice cool fall weather and the joy of running in the mountains while they are not completely covered in snow, however, I'll be running in mountains in the snow through the winter as I don't want to be confined to street runs only like last winter...we'll see how it goes as the snow starts to stack up.

Wow this was a really long post...probably a record for me. Hope it is of interest to some of you. Have a great week.

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