Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I've been up to.

First post in 5 months, wow! The picture to the left describes much of the last five month, although not in a lot of detail. This was at Alyssa's sisters wedding in Twin Falls, Idaho last month and is representative of out summer...on the road, have fun with family and friends, but staying very busy...maybe too much so.

Being a Dad these last 6 months has been a great experience, one that I'm sure will still continue to evolve with time.

Other than my new Dad responsibilities, I've been busy learning how to become a runner, with my first trail run in April in Sisters, Oregon at the Peterson Ridge Rumble 30K. photo here

Next the Baker YMCA Triathlon in May, this was my 3rd triathlon as I did two last year. I'm still a struggling swimmer, but it's coming along
Next was the Elkhorn Classic, which was great. We were in the best cycling shape we had ever been in and did very well. Here are a few pictures:

With my brother Stephen.

Since the Elkhorn, I've been doing a lot of trail running (40 to 50 miles a week for most of the weeks here in the mountains around Baker), helping coach high school cross country and just recently (September 18th) finished my first Ultramarathon (longer than a marathon) which was a 50K (31 mile) trail race in central Washington. It had 6500 ft of elevation gain and took me 6 hrs and 40 seconds (6:00:40) to finish which gave me 20th place out of 98 runners. I was very happy with the race and it was my major athletic goal of the year. Here are a few pictures of the race...the start here (I'm in a red long sleeve on the far left)...creek crossing around mile 22 here ...what it looked like most of the day here.

Anyway, as you might have guessed by my chronicling of the year thus far, I have ventured into the realm endurance sports and am really enjoying it, especially the running. I always thought I was too big to be a runner @ 6' 5" and 210 lbs, but since this last January I've dropped down to 180 lbs and feel very good running, even long distances. I've been really interested and actively experimenting in minimalist/barefoot running since I started last August...but that's another post for another time.

Next up, is the Portland Marathon on 10/10/10 which I hope to run in my recently acquired Huarches Sandals (purchased here). I'll be sure to post a race report on how that goes.

I'm sensing that this blog is going to evolve, as all things do. I'm anticipating it to be a mix of writing about my running and other adventures along with thoughts on many of the various subjects I've touched on previously. I think it was too much to try think of truly thoughtful posts every time in the past and so I will resort to more routine postings about happenings here in Baker and hopefully a good thought will come through here or there.

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Matt said...


Thanks for the update man! I was going to say that you look ultra thin, but I guess that is what happenings when you run 40 to 50k a week. I bet you have lots of energy and feel great. How do you balance your time with family, job, and working out? I bet that can be difficult at times. That is probably one of my bigger struggles.