Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Running, Running On

So, I've been an MIA since September (I could of sworn it was only a couple of months since I blogged last). What in the world have I been up too, you might ask? Well throughout the last few months I've been mostly working, running, going through the adoption process, and trying to stay positive through it.

More on running. It has been a key factor in reducing stress and keeping me healthy (I think from even a lot of the sicknesses going around, but I've got no data to back that up). I think we've possibly moved past the major cold part of the winter which was probably the toughest part of my short running career so far. I can see how winter can be a big struggle for many people. However, if I got myself out in it, things changed and I realized that there is so much that goes on in winter that I never picked up before. Manly, that the natural environment is in a largely in a state of rest, which contrary to our American perceptions, is probably an important activity.

Running will continue to be an important part of my daily activity, with a few races that I'm looking forward to running later this year.

In regards to Alyssa and I's adoption process we are continuing to run onward. It is quite the process and can be thoroughly discouraging at times. We are still waiting to hear about a potential third committee that we were selected to go to, but other than that, no news.

Spiritually, things haven't been particularly revelatory, but I feel a subtle growth none the less. I don't feel that I know anything more, but that I am actually willing to admit I know less, which I supposed is potentially the growth. I think it is the letting go of my need to know and have answers that might be of more value to me now. Don't get me wrong, knowledge is not inconsequential, but it has often been co-opted by blinding self-confidence in me instead of wrapped in humility and compassion.

Just some thoughts of this day. Hopefully this a return to the practice of blogging for me. Take care everyone.